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Good morning, afternoon or evening—whenever you happen to be reading this.  My name is Jane and some residents may not know me as I work from home and not in the leasing office.  I am the Asset Manager, staff supervisor and corporate suites manager for Abby Glenn~A Quiet Cove Apartments & Corporate Suites.  I am charged with ensuring the property is in good condition and well-managed.  You don’t hear from me very often so I am taking this opportunity to introduce myself and share a little about what blogs we will be writing here from Abby Glenn~A Quiet Cove Apartments.    I am originally from the Midwest and moved to Abby Glenn in 2008.  I am proud to say we have become a premier apartment community in the Huntsville area as evidenced by the numerous Apartment Association of North Alabama Rocket Awards we have won.  We hope to continue on this award-winning path, the old-fashioned way: by EARNING it.  Please let me know if there is anything that needs attending to at the property, if you have suggestions for improvements or praises for staff or the property for a job well done.

Enough of the introduction—as we feel we are a team here at Abby Glenn~A Quiet Cove, I have asked each of the staff members to share in posting blogs for Abby Glenn.  I am sure most of you are familiar with our staff but in case you are new and have not yet met the rest of the team, they are: Stephanie Lynch, Property Manager; Kelly (Ace) Williams, Maintenance Manager; and Joseph Maroney, Leasing Agent.  We will all be contributing blogs.  Stephanie’s blogs will focus mostly on activities, events and entertainment opportunities in Madison and Huntsville, AL. So don’t forget to check our blogs for great information on what’s happening in and around our community.  Just go to abbyglennapts.com and click-on our blog icon for our “wordpress” blogs.  Of the four social media icons on our home page, it is the icon to the far right with the “w” as its symbol.

Also, don’t forget to check-out our Facebook page where Stephanie posts Huntsville area events and activities.

Ace’s blogs will focus more on helpful maintenance tips in your apartment.  Joseph’s blogs will provide important information regarding our Abby Glenn~A Quiet Cove amenities and “apartment living” tips.

I will focus on my pet topic: fitness, health and nutrition.  I have made a lifelong self-study on this topic but I am not an expert.  I have no degree in nutrition or exercise physiology.  Therefore, I will be sharing successful diet and exercise tips that have worked for me personally but actual recommendations will come only from the experts (medical journals, registered dietician’s articles, etc).  I do want to share that I have been trained on teaching a particular health and wellness curriculum used in my church, Asbury United Methodist Church in Madison, AL where I taught a course on the topic a few years ago.


So, I am guessing this article has just about expended its useful life, but to provide a nugget of valuable information, I will share this quick exercise tip I learned from the experts:  the minimum amount of physical exercise or activity an adult should get per week is: (1) moderate exercise for 30 minutes at least five times per week (the 30 minutes can be broken-down into chunks, for example, 10+10+10 minutes); or (2) vigorous activity for at least 20 minutes, three times per week.  These are the suggested minimums.

An example of each would be:

Moderate Exercise—A brisk but not overly aggressive walk; you can break up this walk into multiple shorter walks, for example, 10 minutes in the morning, at lunch and in the evening.

Vigorous Exercise—this is easy: running; doing the stationary bike (e.g., at 90 RPMs) at our Fitness Center; using the elliptical machine; swimming; water aerobics and the list goes on.  All of these examples are activities you can engage in right here at Abby Glenn.  HOUSEWORK burns 123 calories/hour for a person of my size (110 pounds).

I look forward to providing more health tips, more succinctly in the future!  LOL.  The team at Abby Glenn~A Quiet Cove Apartments & Corporate Suites wishes you great health and a great week.

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