“We’re Off to See the Wizard…..” How to deal with the Wicked Witch of the West!

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Here in North Alabama and the Huntsville / Madison area we are known for our high risk of extremely damaging tornadoes.  For those who are new to the area or have only lived here the last year, you may be wondering “what’s the big deal”? If you have lived in the Tennessee Valley your whole life or even the last 3 years, you are aware the threat of tornados is very real in this area

Here at Abby Glenn~A Quiet Cove we have been asked by many of our Residents what to do if we have a tornado warning or where the closest tornado shelter is, so below are some safety tips from NOAA National Weather Service and other helpful information specific to the Huntsville / Madison Alabama area.


The most important things to remember are:

  • GET IN – If you are outside, get inside. If you’re already inside, get as far into the middle of the building as possible.
  • GET DOWN – Get underground if possible. If you cannot, go to the lowest floor possible.
  • COVER UP – Flying and falling debris are a storm’s number one killer. Use pillows, blankets, coats, helmets, etc. to cover up and protect your head and body from flying debris.

Possible shelter areas within your apartment:

  • Bathrooms

Bathrooms MAY be a good shelter, provided they are not along an outside wall and have no windows. Contrary to popular belief, there is nothing magically safe about getting in a bathtub with a mattress. In some cases, this might be a great shelter. However, it depends on where your bathroom is. If your bathroom has windows and is along an outside wall, it’s probably not the best shelter.

Bathrooms have proven to be adequate tornado shelters in many cases for a couple of reasons. First, bathrooms are typically small rooms with no windows in the middle of a building. Secondly, it is thought that the plumbing within the walls of a bathroom helps to add some structural strength to the room.

  • Closets

A small interior closet might be a shelter. Again, the closet should be as deep inside the building as possible, with no outside walls, doors or windows.  Be sure to close the door and cover up.

If you have a severe weather safety kit and/or NOAA All-Hazards Radio, you should make sure that everything has fresh batteries that work. You should check your radio, flashlight, etc. because they may become necessary later in the day. Make sure your cell phone is fully charged in case you lose power.

Our local network stations will interrupt broadcast if we have a tornado warning anywhere in the local area.  They will also stream live online and will broadcast on the local FM radio stations 104.3 and 93.3.  You can find weather apps to download to your smart phone on waff.com, whnt.com and waaytv.com or from our local weather services company Baron Services The weather sirens will sound if there is a tornado warning in the county.

If you are interested in purchasing a NOAA Weather Radio, you can usually find those at the following locations:

Kroger locations:                                             PUBLIX locations:

Huntsville -300 Hughes Road                             Madison – 8000 Madison Blvd Ste A

Huntsville – 7090 University Drive                   Madison – 12070 County Line Rd Ste C

                                                                                  Madison – 7830 Highway 72 West

Sometimes the local news stations have set days when they will program the radio but you would need to call them directly for more information.  However, you can use the below link for instructions on programing.


Unfortunately neither the City of Madison nor Madison County offer public tornado shelters.  There is one church in the county that will be open up as a shelter and they are about 15 min north of Abby Glenn.

Good Shepherd United Methodist Church
1418 Old Railroad Bed Road
Madison, AL 35757-6613
(256) 232-3331

The US Space and Rocket Center also opens its doors as a shelter during threat of tornados.

For a better idea of your surrounding counties, be sure to check out the Alabama counties map. This will come in handy as severe weather watches and warning will be announced based on county, not city.  Alabama Counties Map

We at Abby Glenn~A Quiet Cove want all our Residents to Stay Safe and Secure!!!

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